Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving On

Today Reggie moves to a new, long-term foster home, one that will be able to keep him until he is adopted by loving new owners. I'm sad to let him go. But Tucker needs his home and family back and Scott and I just aren't around enough to give Reggie the attention and training he needs.

Meanwhile, we've had the opportunity to show Reggie a whole new kind of life--one of regular meals, cozy beds, and lots of love. As do most dogs, he's responded positively and blossomed into a curious and fun-loving companion. He loves frozen yogurt Kongs (no peanut butter, please), oatmeal stout, and cherry tomatoes. He likes to sleep late, have his belly rubbed, and wrestle with Memphis. He snores softly when he's content. 

Reggie has some dog aggression issues to work on (walking past a yard with a barking dog is quite the adventure) but I'm confident he can overcome this--he learned to live with Tucker and to play with Memphis. He loves to run; galloping along next to a bicycle will be a favorite pastime if he learns not to kill both himself and the rider in the process.

What a sweet little man! I'm sure gonna miss him.

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