Tuesday, November 2, 2010

60-pound Doggie Missile

From Cheryl, Reggie's new foster mom:

I have decided that Reggie is a pup. That is the only explanation for his energy....we could run our house on Reggie power. I find that the best way to make him tired is to tire his mind.

He continues to show NO signs of aggression or shyness to any human he meets. He thinks that everyone is on earth to play with him and love him. He also continues to meet other dogs with an energy level that makes other dogs flinch, well all except some (smile), like Romeo the most non reactive dog I have ever met!

He is fully crate trained, car rides, potty trained, everything...our work will continue in the doggie intro area. We took Reggie for a walk with Porter and Lucy. He has a hard time concentrating on any commands when there is another dog present. He had no aggression as always, but in the yard Lucy hides in the corner to stay out of the way of the doggie missile going 50 mph. Porter ignores him. He would do great with a dog that could match his energy, I am working on calming him down just by training to do other things. My strategy is to get him to pay close attention to ME.

So, on that note, I will continue to train him. My hope being that in learning to learn training from me that will transfer to his forever family and cool his jets a bit. :)

We have not had emails on Reggie yet. Not to worry his family will find us tho. There are so many Pits out there. He is however, the cutest by far! We do not mind one bit having him here. I love him and consider him one of my boys. I would love to include him in my pack, he has taught me so much. I love to watch those beautiful eyes! I know, I say this every time, but I feel it. I can totally see a dog like this in our pack. For now I will enjoy him and pretend that he is all mine!

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