Saturday, October 9, 2010

More New Things

Yesterday was another big adventure that started when we got ready to go for a walk, both dogs harnessed and leashed. I opened the garage door into the driveway and was being stared down by a stray pit bull. There was all kind of excitement and lunging and pulling. The rest of the walk was mostly good but interspersed with challenges.

We picked up Tori and Memphis, who was on her best behavior to show off for her new friend Reggie. Reggie pulled hard when we passed other dogs, but by the end of the walk he was trotting merrily along beside me.

Now that the edge was taken off by the walk, we turned Memphis and Reggie into the back yard for another play date. They started with a vigorous game of chase. When that turned into teeth-baring wrestling, we introduced the inner tube for tug. Both dogs were worn out at the end and I remembered a phrase I learned in obedience school once--"a tired dog is a good dog!" Reggie was mellow for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, I took a bowl out to the garden to harvest the remaining bits of summer produce--a few small eggplants. tomatoes, chard, and peppers. Ever curious Reggie stuck by my side, watching. He sniffed a tomato as I picked it, then reached over and gently plucked a ripe cherry for himself. He must have like it because he reached for another and another. Note to new family: fence Reggie out of garden!

I forgot to mention yesterday that Memphis showed Reggie the pleasure of a good belly rub. The usually wiggly red fellow rolled over in my lap and let me rub away.

Reggie still sleeps in the kitchen. When I put him to bed last night, I sat with him for a few minutes of massages and belly rubs before turning out the light.

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  1. Thanks for blogging on Reggie! So great to hear about his progress!